The Coldwater Public Library was founded in 1936 when a group of interested citizens under the leadership of the mayor decided that a library would be a vital part of the educational and recreational reading of the residents of Coldwater.

The mayor and his council met with the state librarian and it was decided that a municipal library would be established. The mayor appointed the first library board, the first meeting was held, and the name "Coldwater Public Library" was chosen. The first librarian was hired and the library opened on June 17, 1936 in an upstairs room of the city hall building with approximately 500 books of which many were donated. Nineteen books were checked out the first day.

In 1938 the library moved to the old town hall where it remained for the next twenty years. In the 1950's a bond issue and donations raised enough money to remodel the gymnasium of the city hall building. Renovations were complete by 1962 and in April of that year the library moved to what is now the present location.

An expansion and renovation project was completed in 1997 which doubled the library's space. The library was automated in 1998.  Many improvements are made each year as the library strives to stay up-to-date with today's technology to better serve our community.